Be a Writer from homeIn today’s tough economy, more and more people are turning to freelance employment because of its numerous benefits over the traditional workplace.  If you’re good with words and always wanted to try your luck at journalism, copy writing, or even managing a blog, then you may be destined to become a writer.  Here are just a few of the perks you’ll get from freelance writing on the Internet-

1)     Your Boss is a Jerk

Okay, so maybe your boss doesn’t drive you completely insane, but I’d bet you a dollar that there are at least a couple of co-workers that really make your temper flare at times.  As a freelance writer, you choose your clients, your employees/associates, and there’s definitely not a boss involved.

2)     You Work too Hard

The wonderful thing about being a writer online is that once you get some experience under your belt, you’ll be knocking out assignments on your own schedule and taking a break whenever you need it.

3)     You Need a Creative Outlet

Let’s face it, if you’re meant to be a writer then you’re probably the type that can sit down and knock out a story, essay, or something similar in no time.  The part that you let yourself forget is how good it feels to let your imagination run wild at the keyboard.

4)     Schedules Stink

Besides, don’t you get absolutely tired of having to stay at work late, attend those dumb mandatory meetings, and show up at the holiday office parties?  Working from home on your own terms means that for the first time in your life, your schedule belongs to you.

5)     Vacations are Great

Once you become a freelance writer and buy a laptop, your office suddenly becomes wherever you can access the Internet.  That means you can work from the beach, the mountains, or anywhere you want to roam and earn the exact same paycheck.

6)     Determining Your Own Paycheck Rocks

Then again, to be able to travel extensively while writing, you’re probably going to have to bring in some extra money in a hurry.  No worries there; just pick up a few extra clients and work a few more hours this week.  Let’s see a dumb office party beat that!

7)     Writers Need Challenges

One thing that all creative individuals need in their lives is a little bit of structure.  Not enough, mind you, to have to get out of bed at 7 AM and drive through rush hour traffic, but just enough to challenge them so that they keep a solid work ethic and continue to evolve as a writer.

8)     Your Pets Miss You

When I first started writing from home, I swear to you that my dogs would not leave my side no matter what.  For years I just disappeared on them all day and suddenly there I am to scratch ears and throw my wife’s shoe for them to fetch.

9)     No Monday Blues

Once you become a writer from the comforts of your home, Monday ceases to exist and it is a ridiculously incredible feeling.  In fact, if you never want to work another Monday in your life again, just work a little harder on Tue-Fri and you won’t have to.

10)Be Appreciated

The first time that you blow a client’s mind with a kick-butt article that should probably appear in Time Magazine, it’s going to make your week.  Once you realize that all clients are like that if you consistently produce great content, you’ll gain a self-worth that you never thought possible.

11)Buy Lots of Cool Tech Gizmos

As a freelance writer, you’ll be considered self-employed by the government and that means lots of tax write-offs for your “business.”  Even though that deserves a category in itself, knowing that you’ll get to buy an iPhone 8 on the day it’s released (because it’s a business deduction) is quite an enjoyable feeling.

12)Make Your Friends Jealous

At first, your friends will call you a loser.  Then they’ll say, “No seriously…when are you going to get a job.”  Eventually, they’ll see the money you bring in weekly and they’ll be bugging the heck out of you to teach them to be a writer.

13)Gain Real Respect

Once your friends and family finally accept you as a true entrepreneur with a gift for gab, they’ll never look at you quite the same ever again.  Freelance writers are like the parachute pants of the 1980’s…we’re just too far ahead of our time for everyone to fully understand.

14)Manage Clients Worldwide

If you become a writer online and stick with it for at least a year or two, I can all but promise you that you’ll end up working with someone on every continent in the world today.  Do it for five years, and you’ll feel like a world traveler.

15)An Actual Reason for Those Social Media Accounts

OMG…did you see what Bobby “Tweeted” about Josh and the dumb picture that Stephanie posted on Facebook?  Now all those years of senseless ramblings can actually be put to good use by telling everyone what you’re doing for work and more importantly, steering them to your online content.

16)Truly Make Your Own Hours

Writers are definitely strange creatures at times and I can promise you that sometimes you’ll decide on Thursday that you’re taking Friday-Monday off.  Of course, in order to do that you’ll have to stay up and write for 36 hours straight…but having that option is so darn liberating.

17)Control Your Own Destiny

The biggest thing about becoming a writer online is that suddenly, you set all of the rules.  Sure, you have clients to answer to and you’re going to have to work your hind end off to please them at times.  That’s not the point here though.  As a freelance writer, all the decisions ultimately fall on you and it’s a freedom that most people in this modern world never get to experience.





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